Making Braids for Chanel Jacket

The classic Chanel jacket is simple in cut and somewhat boxy. The details give a Chanel jacket its couture style and personality. Details on a Chanel-style jacket include piping, braids and trim. You may not be able to find Chanel jacket braids or trim that work with your fabric, but you can make your own Chanel jacket braids to create a piece that will work in your wardrobe for years to come.

Types of Trims

Trims make the Chanel style jacket. You may find chenille or braid trims at your fabric store that will work for your jacket or might be able to combine two or more trims to form one that works well with your fabrics. Look for a fairly bold trim with a lot of texture, and avoid tassled trims or those that look a bit too much like they belong on a pillow and not a jacket. If you cannot find a manufactured trim that meets your needs, consider making your own trims for your Chanel jacket.

Making Braided Trim

Combine several novelty yarns to make a braided trim. Integrate threads from the jacket fabric into your braid if desired. Experiment with short lengths of yarn to determine how many strands to use for your Chanel jacket braided trim. Your trim should be bold, but not so bulky as to not turn corners neatly. Be sure that you make the lengths of trim long enough to avoid piecing. Knot strands to a stable object to make it easier to braid, then create a simple three-strand braid. You can stitch over sections of braid, wrap with tape, knot them or use a fray stop product to prevent fraying until you are ready to use your Chanel-style trim.

Other Trims to Make

If you are a looking for an alternative to braided trims or would prefer a trim that you can place into the seam allowances of your chenille jacket, you may want to combine yarns as you would for a braid. Knit or crochet a few rows of trim for your jacket using the yarns you have chosen. You can also make your own fringe using novelty yarns, whether you prefer a classic fringe or a looped fringe. Form fringe by wrapping yarn around a narrow strip of cardboard, taping to secure and stitching. Self fringe your chenille jacket by stitching along the edges of the fabric, then removing the weft threads, leaving just the warp threads to form a soft, fringed trim for your Chanel jacket.


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