Making a Flower Arrangement for a Podium


Choose the type of container to make your flower arrangement in. Most podiums have a space for a vase or a basket. Of course, the amount of space will determine the size of the container. Baskets come in round, oval and rectangular shapes, and range from a few inches to more than a foot in diameter. If the podium has a double shelf, you can safely choose a larger container. However, a single shelf requires a smaller container. Vases come in every shape, size, material and color imaginable, and are an equally good choice for a podium arrangement.


Gather the various flowers together for the podium arrangement. Depending upon the time of the year, you can create a seasonal arrangement or a holiday arrangement. With so many different types of flowers available, you will have no problem creating a sensational floral masterpiece. If you are looking to create a simple flower arrangement, the podium will look spectacular with a glass vase full of Casa Blanca lilies. If you want a bigger variety of flowers, try arranging a multicolored group of summer flowers. Summer flowers include carnations, iris, hydrangea, asters and freesia.


The presentation of the podium arrangement is determined by how you arrange the flowers. One of the more beautiful looks is long-stemmed flowers laying free in a basket. The flowers are laid out in a staggered position so the flowers do not overlap each other. This gives the entire basket floral color. Another ideal podium flower arrangement is presented in any type of container, but the flowers are arranged with the larger flowers in the center and the smaller flowers towards the outside. Cockscomb is perfect for the center flower as it stands upright on stiff stems. Heather blooms are ideal for the outer region as they cascade over the side.