How to Make A Two-Way Radio Antenna

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A two-way radio is one that can both transmit and receive radio signals along a specific wavelength. Some common two-way radios include walkie talkies, but also come in the form of stand alone and desktop models such as the Ham radio. Most two-way radios are set to a specific frequency to facilitate direct communication between two people and feature a "press to talk" button. The radios only send or receive radio signals, but not simultaneously. It is fairly easy to make a stand alone two-way radio antenna.

Attach the base to the doweling. The first thing you want to do to is attach a sturdy base to the 1-inch doweling. The base can be square or round depending on the available materials. Firmly fix the wooden dowel to the base using a nail or a screw. Use wood glue on the bottom of the dowel before tightening it flush to the base if you are worried about stability.

Attach the metal disk at the top of the antenna. Strip the end of your .16 mm PVC wire and place it between the aluminum metal disk and the top of the wood dowel. Tighten the disk to the top of the dowel using a nail or a screw. Make sure the stripped end of the wire is logged tightly enough between the pieces so that it can not be pulled out.

Wind the wire tightly around the shaft of the dowel. When winding make sure the coils are flush against one another and tightly wound down the shaft of the rod. Once the wire has been completely wound around the dowel down to the base secure the wire tightly to the wooden base using a wood staple. You can use a staple gun or a hammer if one is not available. Continue to unravel the PVC wire until you are satisfied with its length. Remember, this is the part of the wire you will connect to your two way radio receiver, so make sure it is long enough to connect from where you plan on putting the antenna. Using the PVC tape wrap the dowel and wire tightly and completely for protection and insulation.

Place the antenna near a window. Take the wire that is extending from the antenna and attach it to the tuner on your two way radio. Your antenna is now ready for use with a two-way radio.

Things You'll Need

  • Round doweling or broomstick, 1-inch thick, one-meter long
  • PVC tape
  • Wooden base for doweling
  • 15 to 30-cm aluminum disk with screw hole in the center
  • Large wheel of .16 inch PVC plastic covered standard wire
  • Screws or Nails
  • Wood Staple
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver


  • You do not have to attach the antenna to the tuner to boost the signal though attaching it will enhance the quality.