How to Make a Swivel

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Many home repair stores carry a variety of swivel mechanisms, but you can easily build a custom-made swivel out of the basic parts used in chair swivels. Swivels can be attached to tables, walls, and even in cars to be used to mount TVs, speakers and various electronic devices. No previous building or fabrication knowledge is necessary when constructing a swivel from chair parts. You just have to be able to identify the various parts used in the mechanism.

Grease the gas cylinder and the washers in the bearing kit lightly with the petroleum-based lubrication grease. Place the rubber cushion halfway up the cylinder.

Place the 15/16 inch washer near the end of the cylinder followed by the bearing. Liberally lubricate the bearing. Place the other 15/16 inch washer onto the cylinder after the bearing.

Insert the gas cylinder with attached washers and bearing into the chair column. Attach the thin washer and clip provided with the bearing kit onto the end of the chair column to secure the cylinder to the column. Mount the column onto the gas base by inserting the end with the clip into the hole at the center of the base. Attach the final washer and clip to the column underneath the base to secure the swivel to the base.

Things You'll Need

  • Petroleum-based lubrication grease
  • Gas cylinder
  • Bearing kit
  • Chair column
  • Gas base