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How to Make Your Own Cooler Scooters

You can make your own cooler scooter by reusing that old favorite cooler and scooter in the back of the garage. If you decide to re-purpose old parts or buy brand new ones, putting together a cooler scooter is just a matter of combining these two items.

Research preassembled cooler scooters online. Take a look at the weight and type of cooler attachments used, and the frames used for the scooter itself. You will need to consider the effect the weight of the cooler will have -- when empty and full -- and the effect of other added weight, like a rider.

Purchase or locate a scooter that will be able to support the weight you need. Purchase the cooler and any accessories needed, including the wire basket to provide a cradle for the cooler. Purchase paint decals and stencils to customize the finished scooter cooler.

Wash the scooter and cooler and allow them to fully dry then lay out a drop cloth to cover the workspace floor. Peel off any brand sticker or price tags on the cooler and use a razor blade to help scrape off any glue or paper that remains. Spray with an adhesive remover and wipe clean with first a damp then a dry cloth.

Cover any parts of the cooler that you don't want painted with paint tape, or secured paper bag sheets. Put on your safety eyewear and mask, and spray on your base coat of paint. Allow the paint to dry fully.

Paint designs in contrasting colors onto the cooler. Clean and paint the scooter following these same steps. Set out the materials needed to secure the cooler to the scooter.

Screw a ledge rail onto the sides of your scooter baseboard. This should create a cradle for the cooler to sit in. You can construct the basic frame from plywood or welded metal, or purchase a large metal basket and secure it in place with screws.

Secure ring holes onto the sides of your cooler at even intervals. Set the cooler onto the baseboard of the scooter. Stretch your bungee cords below the baseboard and attach the hooks.

Test the stability of the cooler, and add any extra rings and cords required to secure the cooler in place. Position your seat cushion and backrest, and use your zip ties and fasteners to attach it to the top of the cooler. You can permanently attach the seat to the top of the cooler, if you choose to, using a strong adhesive.

Attach the power cables for the electric component of the cooler and scooter. Charge the battery fully for each unit, and add the necessary fuel. Zip tie wires and cords safely out of the way, so they don’t get caught in the wheels while operating.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scooter
  • Motor (300-500 watts)
  • Battery charger
  • Insulated large capacity cooler
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Zip tie fasteners
  • Chair back and seat with cushion
  • Drop cloth
  • Paint and accessories
  • Safety gear
  • Extra Large wire basket frame


The battery for your scooter may include an attachment for an adapter which can allow you to power your cooler using one power source.


  • Weight in excess of the carrying ability of the scooter can cause it to crack or break while riding.
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