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How to Make Mini Golf Obstacles

Make your own mini golf obstacles at home.
putter, balle et trou image by LAURENT VICENZOTTI from Fotolia.com

Mini golf is a game similar to regular golf, but is played with only a putter. Mini golf courses often include obstacles, tunnels, and ramps to make shots more challenging and fun than regular golf putts. If you want to have fun playing mini golf at home or practice your game for the next time you're out, you'll need to make mini golf obstacles of your own.

Design an outline of a mini golf hole. Use bricks to create the outline of the hole. The bricks define the boundaries and keep your ball in a confined area.

Build an angle-shot with a cinder block, because cinder blocks will allow the ball to bounce more. Bury the cinder block halfway into the ground, and hit the ball against it to make banked shots.

Create a tunnel using PVC pipe or a roll of chicken wire. Bury the bottom part of the pipe or chicken wire to make it easy for a ball to roll into the tunnel.

Stack bricks or cinder blocks and lean a piece of plywood against them to create a ramp. Make sure to bury the edge of the plywood so that your ball can easily roll up the ramp.

Add patches of rough by cutting sections out of a green welcome mat.

Things You'll Need:

  • Bricks
  • Cinder blocks
  • PVC pipe
  • 1 roll of chicken wire
  • Plywood
  • Welcome mat


If you are creating mini golf obstacles in an area with natural grass, you can create greens and rough by cutting the grass itself to different lengths.

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