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How to Make a Homemade Pipe Screen

You want to enjoy a good puff of your favorite cherry blend tobacco. However, when you pick up your pipe, you notice the screen is gone. Don't panic. This article will teach you how to replace your screen quickly and easily to enjoy your well-deserved puff of pipe tobacco.

Locate a pair of ear-buds. Remove the casing around the part that goes in your ear to reveal a nice screen about the size of a nickel.

Remove the screen from the ear buds and cut them to fit the bowl of your pipe. If you can, unscrew the rim off of the top of your pipe to replace the screen with the screen that you removed from the ear-buds. If not, place the screen securely into the bowl of the pipe. Use your fingers to shape the screen.

Press ashes into your newly screened bowl to provide bulk to the screen, thereby preventing any loose tobacco from traveling through the pipe and into your mouth.

Things You'll Need:

  • A pair of ear-bud headphones
  • Scissors


  • Under no circumstances should you use glue to secure the screen of your pipe. Smoking is known to cause cancer, as well as birth defects.
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