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How to Make an Air Hockey Puck Slide Better

Keep the air hockey puck clean to make it fast.
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Air hockey is an entertaining, action-packed game for people of all ages. You may commonly play it in bars and arcades, but if you're a big enough fan of the game, you can buy your own air hockey table. When you've got your own table, it's important to maintain it so the puck slides quickly and smoothly. Over time, the table and the puck can accumulate dirt and debris that slow the pace of the game down. Some regular, easy maintenance will keep your game moving quickly.

Vacuum the entire surface of the table to remove any built-up dirt or other substances. Over time, the table will get covered in dirt and dust, which can block the air holes, thus slowing down the pace of the puck.

Scrape any dirt off the puck with a knife or scraper. As the puck slides across the occasionally dirty surface, it will pick up the debris and lose its smoothness. When it's not as smooth, it won't slide as quickly.

Clear any air holes that are blocked by poking them with a pin or other small device. Depending on the age and cleanliness of the table, the holes can get blocked with dust over time. If vacuuming the tabletop doesn't remove the dust from all the holes, you can poke them one by one.

Polish the top of the table using an air hockey-approved tabletop cleaner/polish. You can buy this type of product at game stores and online, but make sure to buy one that's suitable for the finish on your tabletop. Pour the polish onto a rag and buff the table to restore its shine. The smoother the finish of the table, the faster the puck will travel.


Cover your air hockey table when it's not in use to keep as much dust as possible off it.

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