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How to Make a Gel for Holding Silk Flowers in a Vase

With artificial flowers you can make beautiful, permanent arrangements.
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Artificial flowers are a popular method of home decoration. They are low-maintenance, come in a wide variety of colors and types, and are often surprisingly realistic. To make your arrangement look more natural, you can use a clear vase and one of many varieties of commercial resins to mimic the appearance of crystal clear water. In addition, gels are a great way to hold your flowers in place and make even the most complex arrangement a permanent fixture in your home.


Clean your vase thoroughly dry it well.

Mix the two substances in your resin kit according to the manufacturer's instructions. Mix slowly and well.

Pour the resin through the funnel into the vase. Pour straight through to the bottom of the base, without allowing the resin to touch the sides. Add as much or as little resin as you wish.

Remove the funnel. Use a paper towel or scrap of newspaper to keep any excess resin from dripping onto the mouth of the vase.

Arrange the flowers in the vase, then let the resin stand for 48 hours before moving the vase.

Things You'll Need:

  • Transparent vase
  • Silk flowers
  • Clear resin kit
  • Disposable mixing bowl
  • Small funnel
  • Paper towel or newspaper


Be very careful not to let the resin drip onto anything other than the vase. However, if some does adhere to a counter top or other smooth surface, you can remove it with a little turpentine or paint thinner.


  • Any dirt or water that is in the vase while the resin is setting has the potential to make it appear cloudy. Mixing too fast can introduce air bubbles, which will remain once the resin has dried.
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