How to Make a Before and After Pic

Megan Russell

Before and After Pics are a great tool to show weight loss, projects, homes, etc. If you want one pic to have both the before and after pictures together, it is very easy to do. Read on to learn how to make a before and after pic.

Decide which pics you want to be your before and after pic. Save them on your computer.

Visit and click "Upload Photo" on right side.


Find your before pic and click on it.

My Before Pic

Once you've uploaded it, re-size it to your liking. To do this, click "Resize" at the top.


Next click the "Layers" tab. Then click "Add images".

My after pic

Click "Edit from my computer" and then click on your after pic.

The Finished Product!

Re-size it to be the same size as your before pic and put it on the right side.


Once you have both pics sized and placed, click "Save" at the top. Then click "Save to my computer"


You now have your Before and After Pic.

Things You'll Need

  • Before Pic
  • After Pic


  • Save it on your computer in a place you can easily find it.


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