Make a Fish Appear from Nowhere : Magic Water Trick

Learn a free magic water trick to make a fish "appear" from "nowhere", in this entertaining video featuring a magician.

About the Author

Tim Mannix is one L.A.'s busiest variety arts entertainers specializing in family entertainment and corporate events. Originally from Oklahoma City, his interest in magic began at the age of eight when he received Marshall Brodien's TV Magic Set for Christmas. Tim spent much of his youth practicing and studying the ancient art of magic, later becoming a demonstrator at a local magic shop, then working a stint as an onstage assistant to local magician, Marlowe the Magician. A member of The Society of American Magicians, International Magicians Society and past President of Hollywood Ring #21 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Tim's experience includes everything from adult performances with his stand-up comedy magic act to tickling the funny bones of birthday party children. Tim Mannix resides in Hollywood, California. To find out more about Tim, visit his website at or