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List of Rare Matchbox Cars

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People have been playing with Matchbox cars and collecting them since they first appeared on the market. Lesley products made the first matchbox car in 1953; it was a reproduction of the coach Queen Elizabeth used during her coronation according to The Collectors Weekly. Models of these durable cars have been collected every since that time. Some makes and models are rare and extremely popular, thus increasing the price.

1966 Orange Ford Mustang

Ford Mustangs are a car that just about every young man or woman dreams of owning someday. The Matchbox 1966 Orange Ford Mustang has red interior and black tires with silver wheels. The base of the car is painted black underneath the frame. The number on the box is eight. This particular model is worth several hundred dollars according to The Collectors Weekly.

1966 Opel Diplomat

This family sedan is worth around $9,000 in today’s market--the miniature Matchbox toy that is, not the original real automobile. One of the reasons this boxy car is so valuable is because of its sea-green color; Matchbox manufactured very few of these. This toy car cost only 48 cents back when Matchbox first offered it.

1968 Number 30 Crane Truck

This Matchbox truck had a crane arm that would swing out 360 degrees to be used to pick up anything a little boy’s imagination could find to lift. According to an article by P.B. Gray wrote for CNN Money, the truck was worth $13,000 in 2004.

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