List of Marvel Superheroes and Their Powers

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Marvel Comics has been around in many forms for decades. Through comics, movies and games, hundreds of superheroes have been created with detailed backgrounds and individual types of powers. Some have been around since the 1960s and others no longer are active. Some belong to teams and others act as individuals.


Bricks are a type of superhero known for super strength and resilience to taking damage. The Hulk has unlimited strength. He is able to jump incredible distances and make shock waves by clapping his hands together. He resists physical damage, mind control, disease, extreme temperature and poisons. He is able to regenerate limbs and breathe underwater. Thor is a deity who is extremely long lived and resistant to most physical damage and disease. He has extra-dense muscles and is super strong. He wields an enchanted hammer called Mjolnir and is able to tap into mystical energies. Luke Cage is a superhuman with super strength who can punch through thick barriers and has steel-hard skin. He is immune to extreme temperatures and electrical shock and is able to recover from injuries at superhuman speed. Colossus is a mutant able to turn his body into armor that gives him superhuman strength and makes him resistant to injuries. He has enhanced endurance and speed and doesn't need to breathe while in armored form.


Energizers or blasters are superheroes who use some sort of projectile weapon as their main power. Hawkeye is an expert archer and marksmen. He has combat training with thrown items and unarmed combat. He is an acrobat, aerialist and strategist. Cyclops is a mutant who shoots an energy beam from his eyes. It has no heat and delivers a concussive force. Iceman is a mutant who can lower his body temperature and resist subzero temperatures. He is able to turn existing moisture into ice, letting him shoot ice bolts, make slides or create shields.

Martial Artists

Superheroes in the martial-artist category usually are highly trained in combat skills and don't necessarily possess mutant powers. Trained as a ballerina and a spy, the Black Widow has reduced aging, an extra-healthy immune system and resistance to some damage. She is a trained martial artist and is skilled in combat. Daredevil is blind but his other senses are enhanced and he has radar sense. A highly trained combatant, he has the strength, endurance, speed, agility, gymnastic and acrobatic skills of an Olympic athlete. He combines American boxing and ninjutsu, judo and aiki-jujutsu. Captain America is a soldier who has super-human strength, agility, endurance, speed and intelligence. He is a martial artist who uses boxing and judo.


Gadgeteers are those who build items that give them their powers. Tony Stark is a genius who has created the armor and weaponry that turns him into Iron Man. Iron Man uses energy beams, repulsor rays, sonic generators, pulse bolts and magnetic-field generators. Forge has the mutant power to create any mechanical or cybernetic device. He is an athlete with combat training who can cast spells and open gates to other dimensions. Dr. Pym created capsules that let him shrink in size and communicate with ants, thus the name of Ant Man. He is a robotics and biochemist scientist who creates robotics and other equipment for the Avengers.


Mutants are those who gain special powers because they are changed from human form. Spider-Man has superhuman strength and agility, can cling to and climb any surface, shoots webs and has a spider-sense that alerts him to danger. Wolverine has super healing abilities, superhuman senses, retractable claws and immunity to poisons and disease. Storm has the psionic ability to control weather including lightning, rain and wind. She can fly and is immune to extreme heat and cold. Rogue absorbs the powers, abilities, memories, appearance and personality of anyone she touches. She is immune to poison and has an indestructible body. Beast has superhuman strength, agility, speed, endurance and reflexes. He has enhanced senses, attracts members of the opposite sex through the use of pheromones, is acrobatic and can crawl up most surfaces. Kitty Pryde phases through objects. She can disrupt electrical fields while doing so and increase her speed.


Many superheroes do not fall into an easy or traditional category. Phoenix is a mentalist who has telepathic powers to read minds, project her thoughts, stun people or do telekinesis. She can levitate, generate force fields, fly and deliver energy blasts. Professor X is a powerful telepath who can deliver psionic bolts, create illusions, read minds and project thoughts. He can travel astrally, induce amnesia in others and mentally control people. Vision is an android or synthetic human. He controls his density and can make himself super hard or intangible. He shoots energy beams of radiation from his forehead.