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List of Fatality Moves for 'Mortal Kombat: Unchained' for PSP

Each character in the PSP game "Mortal Kombat: Unchained" has two special "fatality" moves. These moves enable the player to kill her opponent in a unique and spectacular fashion. The fatality codes are different for each character, and they can be used only toward the end of the fight, after the announcer yells: "Finish him!"

Inputting Fatality Codes

In order to use the fatality move, you need to be positioned correctly. Stand right next to your opponent for "close," stand about two steps away from your opponent for "sweep" and stand as far away as possible for "far." Move into the fatality stance by pressing the "L" button before entering the fatality code.

Fatality Codes

Ashrah's first fatality move has to be performed close by pressing, "Down, Down, Up, Up, Triangle." Her second fatality has to be made from a sweep distance with the code, "Forward, Down, Forward, Down, Triangle." Baraka's first fatality move is performed by pressing, "Forward, Up, Down, Triangle," while standing close to the opponent. His second move code is, "Forward, Down, Away, Forward, Triangle," made at a sweep distance. Both fatalities for Bo' Rai Cho need to be executed from a sweep distance. Press, "Down, Up, Forward, Forward, Triangle" or "Up, Up, Away, Forward, Cross." Dairou's first fatality is, "Down, Up, Away, Away, Square," done at a sweep range, while the second is a close move performed by pressing, "Down, Down, Away, Cross."

From a sweep distance, Darrius' first fatality code is, "Up, Down, Away, Forward, Cross," while the second is done from a close range by pressing, "Down, Forward, Forward, Up, Square." Ermac's fatalities are also both done from a sweep distance. The first code is, "Down, Away, Away, Down, Cross," and the second is, "Away, Down, Away, Down, Circle." Goro kills his opponent with the code, "Away, Away, Forward, Forward, Cross," from sweep range, but can also kill him from close range with, "Forward, Away, Forward, Away, Circle." Standing close to the opponent, Havik's fatality is performed by pressing, "Down, Forward, Forward, Up, Circle," or alternatively from a sweep distance by pressing, "Forward, Forward, Forward, Away, Triangle."

More Fatality Codes

Hotaru's first fatality move is performed by pressing, "Forward, Up, Away, Down, Square" from a sweep range, while his second move must be made from a close distance: "Down, Forward, Away, Forward, Triangle." "Away, Forward, Up, Forward, Square" from a sweep distance is Jade's first fatality. Her second is from a close range: "Away, Forward, Forward, Forward, Triangle." Kabal's two fatalities can be made only when close to the opponent. The codes are, "Forward, Up, Up, Up, Cross," and "Up, Up, Down, Triangle." Press "Forward, Forward, Away, Away, Triangle" and "Up, Forward, Away, Forward, Triangle" to perform Kenshi's fatalities from a sweep distance. Kira needs to be far away from her opponent before the code, "Away, Forward, Forward, Away, Circle," will have any effect. Alternatively, from a sweep range, she can also finish an opponent after the player presses, "Up, Forward, Down, Away, Cross."

To use Kobra's fatalities, he needs to be close to his opponent. The code for the first move is, "Down, Away, Forward, Down, Circle," and the second is, "Forward, Away, Forward, Forward, Triangle." Position Li Mei within sweep distance and press, "Forward, Forward, Forward, Forward, Square" or "Up, Away, Forward, Forward, Circle," to kill her opponent. Likewise, Lui Kang's fatalities must be performed from a sweep distance. The codes are, "Away, Away, Away, Forward, Triangle," and, "Forward, Forward, Up, Up, Cross." Mileena's first fatality move is done by pressing, "Forward, Forward, Down, Down, Cross," from a sweep range, or from a far distance after pressing, "Up,Up, Forward, Forward, Cross."

Other "Fatality" Codes

From a far distance, Nightwolf performs a fatality with the code, "Away, Forward, Away, Forward, Square," as well as from a sweep distance and the code, "Down, Forward, Down, Up, Triangle." Scorpion's first fatality is, "Forward, Down, Forward, Forward, Square," from a sweep range. His second fatality code is, "Forward, Away, Forward, Away, Square," from close range. Both of Shujinko's fatalities need to be done close to the opponent. The codes are, "Up, Down, Down, Forward, Cross," and, "Away, Up, Forward, Forward, Square." Press "Away, Forward, Forward, Away, Square" or "Up, Up, Away, Forward, Cross" when Sindel is at a sweep distance from his opponent. One of Noob-Smoke's fatalities is done from far away with the code, "Away, Forward, Away, Forward, Circle." The other is from a sweep distance, and the code is, "Up, Down, Down, Forward, Triangle."

Raiden's first "fatality" is "Away, Down, Forward, Down, Square" done with sweep distance. Raiden's second "fatality" is done far away by pressing "Up, Down, Forward, Forward, Square." From a sweep range Shao Kahn kills his opponent with the code "Down, Up, Up, Forward, Triangle" or from right up close with the code "Away, Forward, Down, Forward, Triangle." "Forward, Away, Down, Forward, Triangle" is Sub-Zero's first "fatality" performed from a close range. His second is "Away, Down, Forward, Down, Square" from a sweep range. Both of Tanya's "fatalities can only be made when she is close to her opponent. The codes are "Forward, Down, Down, Down Square" and "Up, Away, Forward, Up, Triangle."

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