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How to Level a 3 Piece Slate Pool Table

Slate pool table

Installing, leveling and setting up a 3 piece pool table is a task that it most likely best left to trained professionals. An uneven slate pool table can result in an unsatisfactory gaming experience when you play pool. A great deal of care and accuracy is necessary to level a pool table. It is a task that should be undertaken carefully. Even if to the naked eye the pool table looks perfectly level, you should still test it to be sure. Here is how to level a 3 piece slate pool table.

Decide at which end of the table you'd like to begin.

Place the level on top of the first piece of slate and notice where the bubble on the level falls. It should be directly on the center section of the level. If it is not, you'll need to do some leveling.

Assess which side of the piece of slate is highest. Tap a shim into that side to stabilize the slate slab. Wedge the shim in, thin side first, and tap carefully until you reach your desired height. Snap any remaining shim off of the end.

Move to the lower side and add more shims to bring it level. It is a good idea to simply leave the level on top of the slate at all times to ensure accuracy.

When you have the first slab of slate level, use it to gauge how high the next piece of slate needs be leveled. Eyeball with the first few shims, and then use the level to make sure that the first to pieces of slate are exactly level with each other.

Repeat with the third slab of slate, only this time run the level aross all three seams and make sure all three slabs are level with each other. You can add shims as necessary, depending on how level your floor is.

Things You'll Need:

  • Shims
  • Mallet
  • Level
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