Kids' Projects on Pueblos

Kids can craft pseudo adobe dwellings using clay and paper.
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"Pueblo," the name referring to southwestern Indian tribes and the Pueblo-specific Indian tribes of the United States, can inspire kid-friendly craft projects. Using easy-to-find materials and simple ideas, kids can craft an assortment of items to represent various aspects of the Pueblo culture.


Kids can construct a Pueblo home, called an adobe, by combining clay and sticks to make a traditional dwelling. Use a shoebox as the base form, and have the kids place clay over the top to form the house. The shoebox option works well as the interior of the house remains open and ideal for decorating with additional Pueblo items. Once the house is complete, kids can craft Pueblo pieces for inside such as painted pottery and woven rugs.


Pueblo tribes believe in spirits known as Kachinas. More than 300 such Kachinas exist, according to Pueblo lore. One kid craft is to construct a Kachina doll similar to those made by Pueblo Indians to honor the spirits. Using empty wooden spools; craft glue; string; and decorations such as feathers, cardboard and foam, kids can craft a Kachina doll. Another option for a Pueblo craft resembling a modern toy is a rattle made from dried gourds and decorated with feathers and colored rocks.


Kids can craft Pueblo-inspired paintings, which are rustic and tribal in nature. One way to make this craft easier for children unfamiliar with Native American art is to have copies of Pueblo-themed pieces hanging on the walls surrounding the area where the kids will paint. Use white paper and give kids an assortment of paint colors in bright shades, along with black and white paint, to craft their designs. Other art ideas for craft projects include Pueblo-style pottery pieces such as vases and bowls. Allow clay to dry thoroughly; then have the kids paint Pueblo designs on the exterior portion of the pieces.


Clothing crafts for kids to depict Pueblo-themed items can include weaving together strips of fabric to create woven scarves and blankets. Another kid-friendly craft idea is to construct jewelry reminiscent of Pueblo culture. For example, turquoise was and remains a Pueblo-inspired item. Since authentic turquoise is expensive, you can opt for turquoise-colored stones and have children string together necklaces and bracelets. Using silver clasps or simply tying strings or leather cords in a knot will produce pieces that look like traditional Pueblo designs.