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"Jenga" Cheats

Jenga is a game that is produced by the Hasbro company. The game set-up involves building a tower of blocks 18 rows high and three blocks wide. Players take turns removing one block at a time and placing it at the top of the tower. Whichever player knocks the tower over first loses. Beat your friends by using these tricks and cheats.

Top Row Rule

Jenga rules state that a player cannot pull a block from the highest completed row. If your opponent is not paying attention, you may be able to sneak out a block without them realizing. When two blocks are sitting on the top row of the tower, pull a block from the highest completed row and quickly set it on the top of the tower, completing that row. An unobservant opponent will not notice you broke any rules.

Squeeze and Shift

"Squeeze and shift" is a tactical strategy that is not technically against the rules, but it is cheating in that you are altering the position of the blocks. When a center block in a row has already been pulled, slowly squeeze the two outer blocks to the middle at the same time. When they are close enough to the center you can work one to the very middle and pull the other one out, leaving one center block.

Sleight of Hand

Magicians use sleight of hand to perform a lot of their tricks. Sleight of hand describes the art of moving your hands in such a way so that you can conceal objects or move them around without anyone noticing. In one hand, conceal a block that has been previously pulled. On your turn, poke at a center block that faces the side of your opponent. When you have gotten the block about a half an inch into the tower your opponent will not be able to see it anymore. At that point it appears that you are tugging on a block but instead placing the block that you had been concealing on the top of the tower.

Jenga Gun

Avoid having to battle your shaky hands by enlisting the help of a Jenga gun. A Jenga gun is a wooden device that uses a rubber band firing mechanism to shoot a peg at one of the wooden blocks. The force hits the block so hard that it goes shooting out of the tower without disturbing the other pieces, similar to the way entertainers pull a tablecloth without breaking the dishes. Plans to build your own Jenga gun can be found at Woodgears.

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