Instructions for Wire Wrap Stones

By Jenni Wiltz
Rough stones are popular choices for wire wrapping.

Wire wrapping stones is a great way to create your own unique jewelry. Wire-wrapped stones can easily be attached to chains, earring posts or keychains. Bead stores offer a wide variety of cabochon, polished and uncut stones that you can wrap with gold, silver or brass wire. The trick is in combining stones and metals that look good together. Try pairing silver wire with cool-toned blues and purples, or match gold wire with bold red or green.

Create the Wrap

Measure your stone with a tape measure. You need to know its circumference and its depth.

Cut the 18 or 20 gauge wire into strips approximately three times the circumference of the stone. If your stone is a circle that’s two inches in circumference, for example, your wire strips will need to be six inches long.

Lay the wires flat beside each other until you have a stack that equals the depth of your stone. If you can’t get them to lay flat properly, tape the ends together to make sure they stay in place.

Make Your Bindings

Cut your 22 or 24 gauge wire into pieces. These will be used as your bindings.

Wrap one of your binding wires around the center of your bundle, holding it together. Make sure both ends of this wire face the same side of your bundle. This side will be turned against the stone, hidden from view. You may need to trim the wire to make sure it ends on the correct side.

Use needle-nose pliers to grasp the top wire in the bundle on the left side of the binding. Pull up slightly, creating a small loop. Do the same on the right side of the binding. These two loops will help secure the stone once it’s in place.

Divide the stone’s circumference measurement in four. Measure this distance in each direction from your center binding, and place an additional binding at these two spots.

Secure the Stone

Fold your wire bundle around the stone. There should be bindings at the bottom and on each side of the stone.

Bring the ends of the bundle together at the top of the stone. Secure temporarily with tape.

Press the two loops on either side of the center binding against the stone, ensuring it is held in place.

Cut the extra wire bundled together at the top of the stone, leaving just enough to be folded down over the top binding.

Press the snipped wire ends down over the top binding and file any rough edges.


If you don't have wire cutters and are using thin-gauge wire, you can cut it with fingernail clippers.

Use extra binding wires to add curls and decorations to your wrapped piece.


Always file down the edges of snipped wires that face outward. Sharp edges can damage clothing and cause injury.

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