Indian Beadwork Instructions

Examples of Indian beadwork.
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Indian beadwork encompasses everything from jewelry to handbags to belts. Native Americans used beads to weave intricate patterns on threads, primarily using looms. People still use looms to make Indian beadwork today.

Why the Loom?

Using a beading loom lets you secure the warp threads, which are the threads over and under which you weave your beads. A loom lets you work faster and have greater control over varying tensions, depending on the design you are weaving.

Beading Process

Begin beading from the middle and work outward from there, so that your design is perfectly centered. Make sure the design is centered correctly when making a geometric Native American design.



Weave the weft thread over and under each warp thread and maintain the same tension on the weft threads so that your beadwork is not crooked. Repeat the same beading process for each new row. The loom holds the warp threads steady as you weave.