Ideas for Teacher Cards Using Candy Bars

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A large card written with candy bars is a creative and tasty way to show your teacher how much she is appreciated. The essential items you'll need are poster board or cardboard, markers or other writing implements, tape and candy bars. To create, write your message neatly on the poster and leave spaces for where the candy bars are to be placed instead of a written word or words. Use tape, not glue, to attach the candy bars so your teacher can safely remove them to eat.


An easy word to incorporate into sentences is "mounds," so you can start with the dark-chocolate-covered coconut bars to create cards. Examples of plays on this word are "Thank you for the mounds of knowledge" or "You gave us knowledge in 'Mounds.'" For extra decoration, try drawing some colorful designs with markers or crayons. Cutouts of globes, rulers, apples and other school-related images can also be used for decoration and go along with the "mounds of knowledge" concept.


If your teacher is easygoing and loves to make people laugh, be sure to include a Snickers bar. Some ideas are "Thank you for all the snickers," "We had fun and just want to say thanks for all the laughs and snickers," or "You were so fun, we were always in snickers." Another option is "I hope this card makes you snicker," in which case you need to block out the last 's' with a dark marker. To make things more fun, you can draw some smiley faces or decorate around the candy bar with some smiley stickers.


For a math teacher, try something like "Thanks for helping me crunch numbers" and decorate around the candy with colorful numbers or mathematical symbols. For other teachers, further options include "You were always there in a crunch" or "You were there during crunch time." In this case, try adding a picture of a clock for decoration.


If you are thanking a music teacher or even a teacher who loves music, use Symphony chocolate bars for writing sentences like "Your class was smooth as a symphony" or more literally, "I will never forget that symphony we played." Decorate with music notes or images of instruments. Certain kinds of poster board even come with preprinted music notes trimming the edges.

Almond Joy

It is certainly possible to say "It was an almond joy to be in your class," or use a marker to block out "almond" on an Almond Joy candy bar, and use "a" instead of "an." Another option is to keep the "A" in Almond and block out the rest of the word so the candy bar reads "A Joy."

Milky Way

Telling a teacher he is inspirational is one of the highest compliments you can give. Telling him that he inspired you to "reach beyond the Milky Way" is an even higher compliment. You can also block out "Milky" and say "You showed me the way" or "I liked the way you taught." Draw stars or use star stickers to make it fancier.