Ideas for Seashell Crafts

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Seashells are enjoyable to collect and pick up at the beach. A visit to the beach is hardly complete without gathering at least a few shells. If you collect a large assortment of shells, there are many ways to use the shells for crafts and decorating. Simple shell crafts are easy enough for children but look professional enough to use as adult décor.

Seashell Frame

Take a plain wood frame and paint it or stain it as desired. Allow the paint or stain to fully dry. Clean and dry several smaller shells. Arrange the shells around the frame as desired. Once you have the shells arranged, pick them up one at a time and glue them to the frame with a hot glue gun. Allow the glue to dry for about 10 minutes before using the frame for photos or pictures.

Shell Candle

Clean and dry several small shells with flat backs. Dip the back side of the shell that you don’t want to face outward into melted paraffin wax. Press the shells into a pillar candle. Cover the entire bottom half of a pillar candle with shells. Tie a bow of raffia around the candle just above the shells. Tie two small shells to the ends of the bow and one to the center to complete the look.

Shell Box

Select several flat shells of varying sizes. Clean them and allow them to dry completely. Arrange the shells on the top or side of the box. You can cover all sides of the box, or you can simply add a few shells to the box as an accent. After you have arranged the shells to your liking, use a hot glue gun to glue the shells to the box. You can also glue pieces of driftwood or sand to the box to add different colors and textures for a beach-rustic look.

Seashell Curtain

Drill two holes into the top and bottom of several different sizes and colors of shells. Choose flat shells, such as oyster shells and shell rings. Use a craft drill to drill through the shell and work slowly so that you do not crack and break the shell. Measure the area where you want to hang the curtain and cut several strings about 12 inches longer than you want the finished curtain. Slip the shells through the string and tie a knot at the top and bottom of each shell. Nail the strings over a doorway or window when finished.


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