Ideas for Queen Size Quilts

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Quilting can be fun and relaxing, especially if you are working on a small quilt. Small quilts can be completed in a short time; you see the results of your work immediately. Queen size bed quilts can take longer, but the rewards are just the same. Seeing the finished result can give you a feeling of pride and accomplishment. A few designs automatically lend themselves to queen size quilts, and when completed, look amazing.

Basic Block Pattern

This quilt looks the simplest, and makes up the fastest, of almost any quilt. It is a great beginner's quilt. A block consists of just one square of fabric. To make a queen size quilt, you will need 156 squares of fabric. You can make a two-tone quilt, or mix it up and use however many different fabrics you would like. Once you have several blocks, you can begin to piece them together in rows, then columns. Your finished quilt should be 12 blocks wide and 13 blocks long. This quilt is also easy because there are no borders. Piece the blocks together, sew your binding around the outside seams and add the stippling, which gives your quilt that quilted look. Quick and easy, this quilt makes a great queen size quilt to make for yourself or someone you love.

Country Winter Pattern

With a finished size of 86 by 104 inches, the Country Winter quilt is more than large enough to fit a queen bed. This quilt looks good in darker winter colors, such as dark green, maroons, beiges or even shades of blue. This is a basic design that is classic in its simplicity. This quilt consists of different length and widths of strips. There are no blocks or triangles. It may take some time to piece, however, because you must sew three strips together and cut them into smaller strips, which you join to yet another set of strips and cut again. Finally, you lay all the strips out into rows, then columns, making the center of the quilt. Once the center is completed, add on the borders, along with the backing and the binding. Although this quilt might take you awhile, it is definitely worth it when you see the finished product.

Ragged Squares Pattern

This quilt pattern also has a timeless quality to it. Made up of three different sizes of squares to form one block, it is simple and sophisticated. Use any color scheme you wish, but bold colors might look best. The blocks are made up of three different sized squares, each layered on top of the other. They are sewn on top of each other, without binding the edges of the squares. They are left raw. This gives the quilt the ragged quality. Once you have all your blocks made, sew up the rows, then the columns. Last, you will add the binding in a complementary color. This quilt is easy--no measuring or complicated seams.