How to Write Gospel Music Lyrics

How to Write Gospel Music Lyrics. Gospel music uplifts its listeners while simultaneously delivering a message through song. Write gospel music lyrics by first brainstorming about the message within the words and then by developing the music to accompany the words. Many musicians write gospel music lyrics the same way they write lyrics for other types of songs.

Write words liberally. Jot down lyrics as they come into mind without stopping to check spelling or to see if the sentences make sense. Brainstorm to let thoughts flow freely and without interruption.

Compose from the writer's heart. Gospel music lyrics generally arise out of profound heartfelt happenings in the writer's life.

Determine the basis for the lyrics. For instance, decide if the words reflect Biblical passages or other spiritually based scripture. Discover if the words tell a story or provide some type of message for the listener.

Hum a basic melody that sums up the way the music feels. Play the tune in its simplest form on a piano or any other instrument available to the writer.

Know that those who write gospel music lyrics often differ from the people who sing the song or even produce the music. Therefore, the writer should not get discouraged if unable to compose the accompanying music. Take pride in knowing that many songs originate as lyrics.

Contact a qualified musician to write the music to accompany the lyrics. Additionally, hire someone to arrange the song into proper musical format with appropriate notes, scales and other melodic elements.


Buy a rhyming dictionary to bolster lyric writing. A good rhyming dictionary enhances a writer's ability when stymied in searching for the right words.

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