How to Weld Jewelry

Welding silver jewelry is similar to welding other silver items.
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Welding jewelry such as silver rings or necklaces is a relatively simple task and can be done at home. If you are in need of fixing expensive jewelry and have no experience, it would be best to practice welding on jewelry that isn't the most important to you. All the supplies for welding jewelry can be purchased at most hobby stores, jewelry supply stores and some hardware stores. The process is not very time consuming, but can be messy. Welding jewelry over a workbench is advised.

Things You'll Need

  • Silver Jewelry Pieces
  • Buffer Wheel
  • Silver Solder Paste
  • Butane Torch
  • Silver Polish
  • Pliers

Clean your silver articles with your silver polish. Your silver articles should be as clean as possible in order to ensure a good weld.

Place your jewelry pieces together in the position they will be when the welds are finished. If it is a necklace with rings, the rings should be clamped around each other, with the joints, or the butts of the rings tight together.

Cover the areas that need to be welded with the silver solder entirely. Most silver jewelry is .925 sterling silver. Pure silver does not need any solder.

Hold the silver articles with your pliers in one hand, while you melt the silver solder around the joints. If excess solder drips a little that's okay. However, the joint should be barely visible, if visible at all. If any gap in the joint is seen, you will need to start over. Let the welds cool.

Smooth down and polish the welds around the welds with your buffer wheel.