How to Use Pro Oil Dye Instead of Regular Dye for Leather

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Things You'll Need

  • Leather
  • Leather deglazer
  • 2 soft cloths
  • Pro oil dye
  • Cotton dauber
  • Plastic wrap

Pro oil dye is a new version of traditional leather dye and is alcohol-based. It is made for natural strap leather and vegetable tanned leather. It is used in dying leather for bags, saddles or even for repairing wood stocks. It aids in coverage, especially for these types of leather, because it is alcohol based and has superior colorfastness. Pro oil dye also allows you to mix colors to make a unique color. Regular leather dye is based of oil and therefore does not mix well, nor does it absorb brilliant color as quickly as pro oil dye does.

Pour deglazer onto a clean soft cloth and clean the leather thoroughly by wiping it over the leather to remove all old polish and finish. As the cloth gets dry add more deglazer until the leather has been wiped completely with deglazer.

Dip the dauber into the dye and apply the dye evenly to the leather while it is still wet from the deglazer. Allow the dye to dry for an hour. Wrap the dauber in plastic wrap so that it does not dry out as you wait for the first coat to dry.

Apply a second coat of dye by again evenly spreading the dye over the leather with the dauber, if the color is not dark enough with one coat.

Remove excess surface dye by rubbing the leather with the other soft cloth in a circular motion. Allow the leather to dry for 12 hours before use.


  • Professional oil dye comes in natural and primary colors. To mix colors add the main color to a disposable bowl and add additional colors to the bowl until the desired color is reached. Stir it well with a plastic spoon and use the dauber to apply it as usual.


  • Work in a well-ventilated area. Alcohol dye is very strong smelling and should not be used in an enclosed area.