How to Use Floral Foam

Use floral foam to hold silk flowers securely in a vase.

If you want to try to make your own floral arrangement, you will need to use floral foam. You can use floral foam for real and artificial flowers. This project will use fresh flowers and common fillers for a vase such as beads or coffee beans. Be creative with the materials you have.

Lay newspaper across your work space. Put on your work gloves.

Cut a piece of floral foam with a large kitchen knife. Cut off a piece as if you are cutting a piece of bread from a loaf. You can estimate the size you need based on the width of your square vase.

Soak the floral foam in a bucket of water for about 30 seconds.

Cut off the top of a gallon-size plastic bag and place the wet foam in the bag. Wrap the excess bag around the block, and place it in your square vase.

Fill the space around the block with coffee beans, pebbles, seashells or faux leaves.

Snip off the excess plastic bag that rises above the vase, and then pour a little water into the foam.

Snip off flowers at the base at an angle with flower cutters. Stick the stem at an angle into the floral foam. Do not adjust the stem once you have inserted the stem into the foam. This can create an air pocket, and your flowers could die because they cannot get water.

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