How to Use a Loom

How to Use a Loom. Using a loom can be fun. You can create your own fabric, rugs and other projects, as well as feel closer to our ancestors who relied on such crafts for their clothing and cloth. Here's how to get started on using a loom.

Choose fabric with which to weave. If you're using fabric, try to choose fabric that's a similar material so that they will all act the same way when washed. Tear the fabric into strips of similar size. Choose fabric of similar thickness as well, so that the finished product looks cleaner and neater.

Feed the ends of the warp thread through the hole in the peg and secure them in a knot. Make sure the warp threads will be the length of the finished product you intend to make on your loom.

Wind the fabric you've torn into strips around the end peg, then in and out of all the other pegs. When you reach the last peg, go around it once and work your way back, weaving in and out of the pegs.

Pull out the peg when you've reached the bottom, place the peg in the next hole, and repeat the process, replacing the peg at the top as well. When you get to the end of the fabric you're weaving on the loom, tie another piece of fabric on the end and continue.

Tie the ends of the fabric so your work doesn't unravel. Add tassels or other details if desired.

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