How to Turn a Photo Into a Sketch Outline

Ciaran Griffin/Lifesize/Getty Images

It will take years of practice and considerable talent to turn your photographs into sketches by hand. Your first attempts might not turn out as you intended. Fortunately, a number of options are available for people who want to turn their photos into sketches. Several companies offer photo-conversion services. You can also get a sketched look by using filters in photo-editing software. Select a photo you want to convert and then use one of the options available to you.

Select a photo that would look good as a sketch. Some photos might be difficult to sketch or wouldn't suit the medium. Be sure that the photo is something you would like to look at every day.

Hand draw an outline or sketch of the photo. If you're not confident in your drawing ability, upload the photo to your computer.

Use photo-editing software on your computer to transform your photo into a sketch outline.

Browse websites such as Sketch Me that convert photos into sketches if you're not satisfied with your results from steps 2 and 3. Send an email to a few different companies and compare their samples to find a service you like. If you just want the outline of a sketch, tell the company exactly what you want and ask if they can execute it to your liking.

Select a service and send them your photo. It should take a few days before you receive the sketch in the mail.