How to Tune an Autoharp

A chromatic autoharp

The autoharp is a stringed instrument that is strummed or plucked with one hand while the other hand presses keys to alter the pitches of the strings. Developed in the late 1800s, the autoharp is a popular instrument in folk and country music. Like all stringed instruments, autoharps need regular tuning.

A chromatic autoharp

Things You'll Need

  • Chromatic Tuner
  • Autoharp Tuning Wrench

Place the autoharp on a flat surface. Place the tuner nearby and set it to play the lowest note on your autoharp, usually an F.

Autoharp tuner

Pluck the F string on the auto harp. Put the tuning wrench on the tuning pin for that string. If the note on your autoharp sounds sharper (higher) than the tuner, lower the string by turning the tuning pin counterclockwise until it matches the tuner. If the note on your autoharp sounds lower than the tuner, turn the tuning pin clockwise until it matches the tuner.


Repeat this process for each string until the autoharp is in tune. Double-check all of the strings before playing and make any smaller adjustments.