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How to Troubleshoot Janome

Needle plate with feed dog.
Sewing machine image by Kumar RR from Fotolia.com

Learning the vocabulary, parts and functions of the Janome sewing machine will help you troubleshoot this powerful and versatile machine. Before attempting to handle the parts, disconnect the machine from the power source. After each sewing project, you should check each area the thread runs through to help ensure a clean flow for the next project.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sewing Machine Oil
  • Stubby Slot Screwdriver
  • Small Brush Or Toothbrush

Feed Dog Problems

Remove the needle and presser foot. Unscrew the needle plate with the short screwdriver provided or use a stubby slot screwdriver. Lift off the needle plate to reveal the feed dog.

Check for accumulated threads and lint under the feed dog that moves the fabric across the metal needle plate. Note that some Janome machines, such as the 1110DX, come with two feed dogs.

Brush out the dust or fluff from the dog feed teeth and the surrounding space.

Add a drop of sewing machine oil where the manual indicates.

Replace the needle plate, then the presser foot and needle.

Bobbin Case

Remove a snagged bobbin thread by rotating the balance wheel on your right-hand side until the needle goes to the up or high position.

The bobbin case should remain free of snagged threads.
shuttle for sewing machine image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com

Pop open the hook cover. Remove the bobbin case and bobbin and clear any snagged threads.

Rethread the Janome bobbin case with the thread tail to the left. Reload the bobbin into the case.

Rethread the top spool through the tension discs to prevent any snagged threads originating at the top.

Drive Belt Tension

Adjust the drive belt tension by unscrewing the belt cover on the right-hand side.

Turn the fixing screws located near the bottom of the vent circuit.

Firmly tighten the screws without over-tightening to achieve a correct tension.

Replace the belt cover. If replacing the Janome motor belt, allow about 3/8 inch slack.


Match the needle to the fabric by selecting a finer needle for fine fabrics, a ball-tipped needle for knits, and thicker needle for denims and heavy fabrics.

Avoid torn thread, badly formed stitches and puckered seams by using a correctly inserted needle. Insert the flat side of the upper needle away from you and push up the needle clamp.

Tighten the needle clamp screw firmly.

Please note that needles made for other machine brands may not work with the Janome machine.


After oiling the feed dog area or above the needle clamp, test the stitching on scrap fabric by running the machine rapidly for one minute. Examine the fabric for any oily residue.


  • Unplug the machine to avoid risk of electrical shock or accidental start ups from touching the pedal.
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