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How to Troubleshoot Hulu Plus on the PS3

Watch your favorite shows with Hulu Plus on your PS3 console.
Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Hulu Plus on your PlayStation 3 console gives you access to thousands of television shows and movies in high definition. Although Hulu Plus works perfectly on the PS3 most of the time, sometimes errors can occur. For instance, some users have trouble streaming Hulu Plus content to their PS3. Others have difficulty getting the Hulu Plus app to load on the console. You can fix most Hulu Plus problems by changing a few settings on the PS3.

Reset the PS3's system time and date if the Hulu Plus application does not load. To do this, select "Settings" on the console. Choose "Date and Time Settings" and "Date and Time." Select "Set via Internet," and then restart Hulu Plus.

Check the PS3's connection speed if you experience video streaming issues. On the console, select "Settings," "Network Settings" and "Internet Connection Test." The ideal speed for streaming Hulu Plus is 3 megabits per second or higher.

Press "R1" on the PS3 controller to set the video quality to "Auto" if you have video stuttering problems. If the problem persists and your PS3 is connected to the Internet wirelessly, try connecting it to your router directly with an Ethernet cable.

Power off the PS3 and router for a few minutes if Hulu Plus problems continue, and then restart the system. If this does not correct the problem, delete the Hulu Plus application from the PS3 and download it again.

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