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How to Troubleshoot a Elna Su

Use only quality thread in your Elna Su machine to prevent breakage.
spools of thread image by Kathy Burns from Fotolia.com

Elna revolutionized sewing machines after creating the first motorized, portable, free-arm sewing machine in 1940. Elna also produced the first sewing machine in a color other than the traditional black, starting with green. Elna of Switzerland continues to design sewing machines worldwide in a broad range of styles, including the Elna Haute Couture with advanced quilting features, and the Elna Xquisit II with embroidery features and wearable art. When you experience problems operating your Elna Su sewing machine, troubleshooting your machine will help you save time, so you can quickly return to your sewing projects.

Things You'll Need:

  • Fine Grade Sewing Machine Oil
  • Quality Thread

Turn the tension dial from 5, to 1, in increments of 1, to lessen the tension if the lower thread breaks. Turn the tension dial between 5 and 9 if the upper thread breaks, which means the upper tension is too tight. Locate the tension dial on the front of your Elna SU sewing machine just left of the thread guide.

Set the stitch width knob to "0" if the selector will not turn. Locate the stitch width knob on the front middle of your sewing machine, left of the stitch length dial. Pull the stitch width knob towards you, turning the knob, so you have the left/right arrow mark on top. Now you can move the knob between 0 and 4 to change the stitch width, using your thumb.

Oil your Elna Su sewing machine with a fine grade sewing machine oil if your machine runs slowly or makes noise during operation. Place two drops of oil into each of the oil holes on your sewing machine. Find three oil holes on the top left of your machine above the thread take-up lever, and two oil holes on the flat base of your machine right of the needle plate. Remove the needle plate using the sewing machine flat screwdriver, raise the thread take-up lever up by turning the flywheel located on the right side towards you, and then place a drop of oil onto the rotary hook. Locate the rotary hook underneath the needle plate immediately left of the dial labeled 0 through 3. Replace the needle plate and run your sewing machine for a few minutes.

Move the electronic foot control switch to the "+" fast setting if your Elna Su sewing machine runs slowly. The electronic foot control switch was set at the slow "-" setting. Your Elna Su electronic foot control has a small switch located on the front edge of the foot control.

Use the correct thickness of thread for the fabric you have or use a better quality thread if the upper thread keeps breaking on your sewing machine. Bargain threads split causing the thread to knot and break. Hold the bargain thread to the light which will reveal the thread's roughness and frayed edges.

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