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How to Transpose From Bass Clef to Treble Clef

Most musicians can read music by sight, but transposing is a skill possessed by far fewer instrumentalists. Learning to transpose by sight takes a lot of practice, but transposing bass to treble clef on paper is simple and quick, and a good way to build understanding of the concept of transposition.

Things You'll Need:

  • Staff Paper
  • Pencil

Set up the staff paper with a treble clef in one staff and a bass clef on the staff below.

Write out any notes or melody you'd like to transpose on the staff with the bass clef.

Transpose the music by moving each note up by a third. An easy way to do this is to move all notes on a line up to the line above them, and all notes on a space up to the space above them. For example, a B in bass clef is notated on the second line from the bottom, while a B in treble clef is the third line from the bottom. Similarly, an A, on the first space in bass clef, moves to the second space in treble clef.

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