How to Teach Praise Dance

Praise dancing is a form of praising and worshiping God. It is a method of praise that is mentioned all throughout the bible. While the praise dancer is dancing in the presence of God, her dancing pleases God, but it also ministers to others who are watching her dance. For that reason, praise dancing is also a ministry that should be taken just as seriously as ministry that goes forth behind the pulpit.

Start each class with a word of prayer. By starting with a word of prayer, you invite God's spirit into the class and his presence will be felt upon the dancing.

Allow your student to freestyle while listening to praise dance music. As she freestyles, she will learn how to dance in the presence of God and get a feel for the music she is dancing to. The freestyle does not contain any choreography on your part. Instead, the freestyling is accomplished by simply turning on a musical praise or worship track and letting the student dance however she is led by the spirit of God.

Teach your student to enunciate words to the praise and worship song by using his body language. The student must sing the words with his body instead of his mouth. One way to teach body language enunciation is to allow your student to listen to and externally sing along with the musical track as he is dancing to the song. However, during the actual dance performance he will not be singing externally, only from within.

Encourage your student to block out all outside distractions and to completely focus on God. She should be focused on dancing in God's presence. As she dances in God's presence others watching her will be able to feel the anointing that is upon her dancing.

Show your student how to use flags during his praise dancing. By looking at the flag as an extension of his own body instead of a separate dancing tool, the flow will be smooth and naturally fit with the dancer's movements. See Resources below for examples of how to incorporate flags into your praise dance routine.

Instruct your student to smile when she is dancing in God's presence. Praise dancing is an expression of joy. This does not mean that she has to smile during the entire routine. However, as she smiles from within, she will also smile from without, even when she is not physically smiling.

Practice choreographed dances with the entire group if you are teaching to more than one individual. When practicing as a group, it is important that all members of the dance team are on one accord, with no bitterness or animosity in their hearts. If there is discord and animosity, the spirit of God will not fall upon the group and the dancing is in vain. In order to minister to others, each of the dancers must have a "clean heart" before the Lord.