How to Take Some Pictures Without Glare

Angle your lens to help take photos without glare.
Jupiterimages/ Images

Reflective objects can create a glare when you take photos. Glares can create a negative effect in a photo, especially if the glare covers up the person or object that is the focal point in the image. Shiny walls, mirrors, glass and metal are a few of the objects that will reflect light from your flash or from the sun. Use angles and barriers to help create photos without a disruptive glare.

Tilt your camera at an angle when taking a photo with a reflective object, foreground or background. This angle helps to reduce or eliminate glare.

Use a barrier object to block a source of light if you are still having trouble eliminating glare. Hold a barrier, such as a small piece of cardboard, with the hand that isn't holding the camera or place it in an area where it will block the sun from the area you see when you look through the camera viewfinder. Uuse your hand or a natural object, such as a tree, to block light if you don't have a barrier to use.

Use the light to your stylistic advantage if you can't completely eliminate the glare from a photo. You can create effects like sun stars, which is when you use tree leaves to break up the light which creates a mild glare effect and looks more like a star shining through the tree. Non-natural light is not as easy to work with. You can create an intentional glare in a photo from a reflective surface, giving the photo a more artistic feel.