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How to Take Apart a Chandelier

Taking down a chandelier can be a lengthy process.
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Taking apart a chandelier is not a difficult process although it may take a bit of time, depending on the size and complexity of your chandelier. Whether you are moving your chandelier or just need to clean it, this project can be done on your own. If you clean your chandelier often -- at least twice each year -- you should not need to take it apart; but if it's been some time between cleanings, taking down the chandelier, piece by piece, will allow you to give it a thorough cleaning.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ladder
  • Camera
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Box Or Bucket

Take several pictures of the chandelier at different angles and levels before taking it apart if you do not have a diagram or it's hard to follow. This will help you determine how to reassemble it once you have finished cleaning each piece or have moved it to its new location.

Turn off the lights and wait for the bulbs to cool down before removing them from the chandelier.

Prepare a place to set your chandelier pieces once they have been removed. This can be on a table with old cotton t-shirts spread across it or a box or bucket with strips of cotton fabric laid inside. It is also helpful to place cotton fabric on the floor beneath the chandelier in the event that a piece should fall.

Remove the crystals carefully and place them in between layers of cotton fabric if you are storing them or on top of cotton fabric to prepare them for cleaning and reassembly.

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