How to Stencil Stars

Stencil Stars

How to Stencil Stars. Stenciling is a quick and easy way to add character and charm to just about any craft project. If you want to stencil stars, you need to purchase a few basic supplies and have a general idea of what you want to create. After that, all you need is a little bit of time and creativity to stencil stars that will really make your projects pop.

Come up with a game plan. Before you stencil, you need to first decide where you want to put the stars. Stenciling something onto a wall vs. a piece of paper requires different materials, so have in mind a good idea of what you want to create.

Find a star stencil pattern. You can either purchase a star stencil at your local craft supply store, or you can create your own using cardboard and a craft knife. You may want to have several different sizes of star stencils to create varying looks.

Adhere the stencil to your surface. When you stencil stars, you need to secure the stencil to the wall or paper using low-tack masking tape. This allows you to keep the stencil in one place, and you can later remove the tape without damaging the surface below.

Begin painting your stars. Load up your dauber or stencil brush with the color of your choice and start tapping the negative space on the stencil with the brush. You can make your stars lighter or darker depending on how hard you press down, or you can experiment with shading and layering colors if you want.

Remove the stencil once the paint has dried. Enjoy your new stenciled stars.

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