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How to Size a Bedspread

Kari Marie/Demand Media

Bedspreads come in five standard sizes to fit the majority of commercially manufactured standard mattresses. Bedspreads are not typically manufactured to a standard crib-size mattress or a California King-size mattress. Because mattress length and width are semi-standard doesn’t mean that the depth of the mattresses are standard. Because some mattresses are significantly thicker than other styles, some bedspread manufacturers will vary the width and length of their bedspreads to address this area of the market.

Things You'll Need:

  • Tape Measure
  • Pad And Pencil
Kari Marie/Demand Media

Measure the bed to be fitted. Jot down the measurements, and include the length of fabric drop you need on both sides and at the foot of the bed.

Kari Marie/Demand Media

Remove the bedspread from the packaging and measure it. The packaging materials are generically printed and may not be the actual size of the bedspread.

Kari Marie/Demand Media

Determine if a new bedspread has been pre-shrunk during manufacturing. If not, the bedspread may shrink during laundering, becoming smaller than is appropriate for the bed. Most packages will indicate if the product has been pre-shrunken.

Kari Marie/Demand Media

Check the actual measurements against the size appropriate for the bed. Standard bedspread measurements include: Twin: 81x110 inches; Twin Long: 81x115 inches; Full: 84x90 inches; Queen: 90x95 inches; King: 106x98 inches. If the mattress is extra deep it may be necessary to select a larger bedspread for adequate coverage.


Bedspreads are not the same as comforters or blankets. Each of these products are sized differently. For example, a twin comforter is only 69x90 inches, significantly smaller than a bedspread even though the comforter will also be labeled as TWIN. Be careful to identify the product you are selecting to properly fit your bed.

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