How to Sing

When learning how to sing, practice singing scales, research different styles of singing and get advice from professional singers. Discover how to sing with tips from an award-winning actor in this free video about singing tips.

About the Author

Paul Louis is an award-winning actor, singer, songwriter, puppeteer, illustrator and filmmaker. He has been in the "creativity" biz for over 25 years. Louis is the creator, writer and composer of the former nationally syndicated children's television series, "Jelly Bean Jungle", and he also starred on television as the lovable nerd "Marvin" in the international hit television series "S Club 7." As a versatile illustrator, his work has been seen throughout the world and has been used as the designs for countless puppet characters on television. Louis also teaches all of the above to aspiring "fellow creative types" in his workshops held throughout the United States, Canada and South America.