How to Sign Photography Prints

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Photographers may sign photo reproductions as both a trademark to brand themselves and to signify that they approve of their work being reproduced. When reproductions occur, this signature will appear on all prints, so it's important to make a clean signature in a place that does not detract from the photo. Some practice should be taken to ensure that the signature looks presentable so that it can give your reproductions a personal flair.

Determine what you want to sign on your print. This can be your typical signature or an artistic signature that is more creative. Many artists also sign the year of the reproduction.

Choose a location where you want to sign. The typical place that artists sign is outside of the border, below the photo itself.


Sign the print. Take your time to ensure that no mistakes are made. The signature will become part of the art, so be creative and make sure the autograph looks the best it can.



  • Choose the right type of pen. Many stores sell archival pens, so when you purchase one ask about the quality. The quality of the pen should be as good as the quality of the photo.


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