How to Sew With Velour

How to Sew With Velour. While velour stands out because of its rich and luxurious texture, it can be challenging to sew. The fabric is plush and slippery, making seams difficult to machine sew without it puckering. But, there are ways to sew velour without all the problems.

Select a type of velour that's easy to sew, such as matte velour, cotton velvet or cotton velveteen.

Prepare the velour by preshrinking it. Use the same cleaning method that the finished item will use.

Choose a pattern with simple lines. Such patterns have fewer seams, which are what cause the most trouble when you sew with velour.

Cut only through a single layer of velour so that it doesn't slip.

Place pins close together along the seams so there's less loose fabric that can shift and pucker when running it through the sewing machine.

Set your sewing machine to use a longer stitch length.

Hold the velour tightly as you feed it through the machine so that it doesn't bunch.

Brush the velour with a soft brush to revive the pile.


Use a brand new needle in your sewing machine to ensure a sharp tip, making it easier to pierce the velour.

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