How to Sew Cushions for a Corner Breakfast Nook

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Newspaper or tissue paper
  • 3-inch thick foam
  • Serrated or electric knife
  • Decorator fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Coordinating thread
  • Iron and Ironing board

Cushions can make a corner breakfast nook a comfortable place for family meals, homework or game night. While purchasing cushions to fit your breakfast nook can be a challenge, you can make your own custom cushions for a corner breakfast nook to coordinate with your kitchen decor. Removable covers make your breakfast nook cushions washable, while quick and easy construction allows you to make several covers for a different look.

How to Sew Cushions for a Corner Breakfast Nook

Measure your corner breakfast nook. Plan to make two straight cushions, plus one diamond-shaped or polygonal cushion for the corner. Write down the measurements for these three cushions as well as sizes for any bench or chair cushions you may need to coordinate.

Prewash and dry your fabric. Iron, starching if desired.

Use your cushion measurements to cut your fabric and foam to size. Cut foam 1/2 inch longer and wider than your desired finished measurements for each cushion using a serrated or electric knife. Set aside your foam cushion inserts. Measure top and bottom fabric panels for each cushion, cutting one inch larger than the finished measurement. Wrap the tape measure around three sides of the cushion to determine how long to cut the boxing strip and add 1 inch, then cut a strip 4 inches wide by this measurement. Cut two strips the length of one long side of the cushion plus 1 inch by 4 inches to create a lapped opening in your breakfast nook cushion.

Press a 1-inch hem into each of the short boxing strips. Stitch. Baste the two strips together at each short end, overlapping the hemmed edges. Sew one short end to the long gusset strip.

Pin the boxing strip to the bottom of your breakfast nook cushion. Leave a few inches free at each end for fitting. Sew into place. Stitch the remaining short seam and pin into place. Sew the final corner of the gusset into place.

Pin the top of the cushion onto the strip and sew. Trim the seams and corners, then turn right side out. Wedge the foam into the breakfast nook cushion cover. Repeat for the remaining box cushions for your corner breakfast nook.


  • Replace the lapped opening with a lapped zipper for a more secure cushion fit (see Resources)