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How to Sew a Hidden Pocket in Pants

How to Sew a Hidden Pocket in Pants. While a hidden pocket in a jacket is cool, a hidden pocket in a pair of pants is even better. This pocket can be used to hold extra money that you are trying to keep secret. Follow these steps to learn how to sew a hidden pocket in your pants.

Determine the best place for the pocket. It can be near the inside of the waistband or inside one of the legs.

Cut some material into a square or rectangle. Make it small enough to fit inside the pants but large enough to actually hold items.

Turn the pants inside out so you can see exactly what and where you are sewing.

Lay the cut pocket material on the pants. Line it up exactly in the place where you want the pocket.

Pin the hidden pocket material to the pants on 3 sides. Make sure you leave the opening of the hidden pocket at the top so your items do not fall out while wearing the pants.

Sew the 3 pinned sides of the hidden pocket to the pants. This can be done using a sewing machine or by hand stitching it. Feel free to double-stitch the hidden pocket for extra security. Use a thread that is the same color as the pants to help hide the fact that a pocket is stitched on the inside. Remove the pins when you're finished sewing the pocket in its place.

Flip the pants right side out. Place some loose change in the new hidden pocket to check for holes.

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