How to Sew a Fanny Pack

How to Sew a Fanny Pack. A fanny pack is a smaller version of a purse or backpack worn on your waist. Both men and women carry items such as wallets, cell phones or keys in fanny packs. Follow these instructions to sew a custom fanny pack.

Pin inner and outer 10 by 7 1/2 inch pieces of fabric together to create an inner lining. Sew the pieces together to have 2 double-sided pieces, one for the front and the other for the back. Use a solid, durable color and fabric for the inside that complements the outside fabric.

Sew the front and back pieces together along the sides and the bottom leaving the top open. Leave two inch openings on the sides to fit a belt through.

Put the 8 by 3 inch flap of fabric in place by folding over the front opening of fanny pack. Iron the flap once you are satisfied with its placement. Attach the flap piece inside to the back piece and sew the flap to the top of the back piece of the fanny pack.

Create a belt that matches using coordinating fabric or using an everyday belt. Use 2 pieces of fabric long enough to fit around your waist when you're wearing clothes. Hem the edges of the belt material.

Cut Velcro pieces into two inch strips. Fold the ends of the belt making a loop that covers the Velcro. Place caribeeners in the loops before connecting the Velcro and closing the ends.

Place the belt through the side openings. If you only want to use the coordinating belt then sew the belt to the fanny pack. Put the fanny pack on and test how much you can carry.


Iron the fabric before cutting and sewing.

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