How to sew a Collar on Women's Blouses

Things You'll Need

  • Pattern
  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Iron
  • Ironing board

One of the most confusing steps in making a woman's blouse is attaching the collar to the body. The collar is one of the unique -- and therefore pivotal -- parts of a blouse, something that helps define the blouse's style. Also, since the collar is so close to the wearer's face, everyone will notice if it is "not quite right."

Some pattern makers have clearer instructions than others which can lead to even more confusion on the seamstress' part. Taking this step carefully and paying extra attention to detail will help the finished blouse look neat and professionally made.

How to sew a Collar on Women's Blouses

Make sure you're ready to attach the collar. Follow the directions on your pattern, and have everything completed as necessary before attaching the collar. Are the two sides of the collar sewn together, turned, and pressed? Make certain the body of the blouse is at a stage of completion suitable for attaching the collar.

Pin the collar to the body of the blouse. Right sides together, pin the collar to the right side (outside) of the blouse. If you cut out the extra "stick up" triangles to help with alignment when you were cutting the fabric as per the pattern pieces, and if there are any of those triangles on the collar, make sure they line up with their corresponding triangle pieces on the body of the blouse.

Sew the collar on. Go very slowly, and follow the pattern guideline for seam allowance. Stop and check every couple of inches to make sure the body of the blouse fabric is lying flat -- with no bunching or glitches. Remove the pins, trim the thread, and iron the seam out toward the collar. You may also need to carefully clip the seam allowance so the rounded collar will lie flat on the wearer's body.

Stitch the collar to the inside of the blouse. The instructions probably directed you to press the seam allowance part on the "inside" edge of the collar. This pressed edge should fit nice and neat over the seam you just stitched and pressed. Pin in place.

Follow the instructions as to whether you hand stitch or machine sew the other side of the collar into place. Iron when finished.