How to Sew a Bomber Hat

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Bomber hats are a good choice when going out in the cold weather. Taking their names from the bomber pilots during World War II, these hats are made of fleece and have ear flaps to protect the ears from the cold. This is an easy pattern that can be finished within an hour, made out of any fleece that you would like. There is even a lining you can add for added comfort. Since each hat takes less than a quarter yard of fabric, you can make these out of any scraps you might have.

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Pattern
  • Cording (Optional)
  • Printer
  • Fleece
  • Computer With Internet Connection

Sewing the Hat

Print out the template for a pattern.

Cut out the pattern with four top pieces and one ear piece along the fold.

Place the pieces in a square shape matching the single notches toward the middle.

Sew the sides with the single notch, then sew the sides together with the double notches.

Sew along the ear piece to make a cylinder.

Place on the head to measure, and tighten if necessary.

Line up the front and back of the ear piece with the front and back of the top pieces.

Pin carefully and sew along the edges.

Sew the stretch binding onto the bottom edges of the hat, beginning in the back. If using version C, you will also need to sew the stretch binding around the face opening.

Stretch the binding as you sew.

Adding a Lining

Copy steps 1 to 4 in a complementary fabric.

If finishing the hat with stretch binding, turn the lining inside out and put it inside the hat.

Sew the two layers together with a long stitch that you will later take out.

Go back and do Step 9 and 10.

Adding the Lining with a Finished Edge

Copy steps 1 to 4 in a complementary fabric.

If you are finishing the hat with a finished seam, put the right sides together of the two hat pieces.

Sew the hat and lining near the edge. Leave a small space, about 2 inches, un-sewn.

Pull the lining out through the gap.

Sew the small gap by hand or with a top-stitch.


  • The pattern is sized for a stretch fleece. If the material you choose doesn't stretch at least 25 percent, make the pattern one size bigger.

    This pattern is for three different bomber hats, to which you can add a liner or not. The top of the hats are exactly alike. It is the ear pieces that change the look of each.

    There are no seam allowances in this pattern, as seams are not needed if using a flat-stitch. If you are using a normal seam, add about 5 mm for a seam allowance when cutting out the pattern.

    You can add some cording to the ear flaps if you want to tie them down underneath the chin.