How to Send Your Jewelry Designs to Get Them Made

The most popular materials that jewelry are made of are gold, silver, copper, and diamonds.
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Jewelry serves a purpose of adornment. A well-crafted piece of jewelry can even make a person appear more beautiful. Many people go to local jewelers to purchase jewelry that has been made in bulk by artisans. In order to have a unique piece of jewelry, you may need to get it custom-made through a local jeweler or online resource. Utilizing an online resource gives a designer an opportunity to find the lowest manufacturing price at the highest quality with just the click of a mouse.

Prepare your jewelry design. The color, material type, size, and other specifications must be clearly designated in order for it to be made accurately.

Contact various online jewelry manufacturers for details on how to send in your design for manufacturing. Gemkitty, Blue Nile, Gemvara, Brilliant Earth, and Delusha are just a few of the online resources available for manufacturing custom jewelry designs.

Enlist the help of an online resource and continue conversations with the manufacturers. They will give you a quote that will include a price and approximate date for completion.

Submit your design according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some manufacturers may even allow you to examine and approve your design concept prior to it being finalized.