How to Seal Plastic Tubes

As plastic tubes come in various shapes and sizes, plastic sealer machines can be adjusted to the size and specifications of a tube. Plastics can be hard or soft, and vary in durability, which is why plastic sealers depend on heat sealing. Harder plastics require more heat to bind, while softer, more malleable plastics require a smaller amount of heat to weld together.

Turn on the plastic sealing machine.

Place the plastic tubes side by side, two inches apart, on the tray. Adjust the heating mechanism according to the height of the plastic tubes. Be sure that the tubes are standing on their top side.


Adjust the heating or sealing time of the machine. Different types of plastic require different heating time; the machine's user’s manual should indicate how much heat and time should be applied to the tubes.


Press the “Start” button of the machine to begin the sealing process.



  • Read the user’s manual of the machine carefully before operating it.


  • This process should be done indoors. Avoid using the machine near an open flame.