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How to Replace a Leather Pocket in a Pool Table

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Things You'll Need:

  • Battery-powered or electric drill
  • Socket wrench
  • Assistant


Over-tightening rail bolts may cause the slate to crack.

To ensure your pool table's longevity, always protect it with a pool table cover when not in use.

Even when you give your pool table the best of care, you occasionally will need to replace parts because of normal wear and tear. If your pool table's leather pockets need to be replaced, you will need specific tools as well as an assistant. The task is detailed but not difficult.

Look underneath the pool table, starting with one of the corner pockets, and locate the wood screws that are used to secure the pocket straps to the underside of the pool table. Carefully remove the screws by using an electric or a battery-operated drill. Repeat this process for the remaining pockets.

Remove all twelve bolts underneath the side rails and end rails of the pool table, using a socket wrench. The side rails, end rails and pockets are still joined together, but you should now be able to remove the joined rails and pockets from the table itself. With the assistance of another person, lift the joined rails and pockets from the table and turn them upside-down.

Remove the bolts from the side rail and end rail using a socket wrench, again, starting with one of the corner pockets. Repeat this step for the remaining corners (the side pockets will have no bolts to remove). You should now be able to detach all rails and pockets from one another.

Locate the metal tabs on either side of one corner pocket. Slide the metal tabs of the corner pocket into the holes of the end rail and side rail. Insert the two bolts into the holes on the bottom of the corner rail and side rail. Tighten them by hand for now.

Repeat the actions in Step 4 until all four corner pockets are attached to the end rails and side rails. Do not attach the side pockets. Tighten all eight bolts with a socket wrench, then connect the ends of the side rails to the side pockets.

Flip the joined rails and pockets with the assistance of another person, and place them on the table in the correct position. Insert the remaining 12 bolts into the rail holes underneath the pool table (be sure the bolts are only hand-tightened). Once you have inserted the bolts by hand, you can tighten them with a socket wrench. The bolts should be snug, but not over-tight. Using the wood screws, screw the pocket straps to the underside of the table.

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