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How to Remove Stains From Felt

Felt is not an easy fabric to clean because it is made of wool. Woolen fabrics stretch in the wash and shrink in the dryer. Removing stains from felt is a useful skill because felt fabric is often used in clothing and bags and on pool tables. When staining occurs, a knowledge of stain lifting saves you from ruining valuable belongings.

Things You'll Need:

  • Lint-free, microfiber cloths
  • Vinegar
  • Cold water
  • Small dish


  • Avoid over-handling felt fabrics with your bare hands because body oils easily stain felt.

Blot the stain with a lint-free cloth to keep it from spreading to surrounding areas of the felt. (This only applies if the stain is fresh.)

Mix 1 cup of cold water and 1 tbsp. of vinegar in a small dish to create a mild cleaning solution that is safe to use on felt.

Dip the cloth into the mixture and soak thoroughly.

Wipe the stain gently with the wet cloth to pick off the stain. Rinse the cloth often. Repeat until the stain is removed. If the stain is stubborn, a bristled brush makes the process easier. Don't rub too hard with the brush or it will damage the fabric.

Blot on the remaining water with a dry cloth and lay the felt on a flat surface to dry.

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